Telephone Systems Upgrades and Maintenance

  • ABA Communications Inc. is the ultimate source for cutting edge telecommunications systems. From small systems of 5 phones to 500+ phones. ABA Communications can upgrade & maintain your existing phone system. We offer the latest in digital phone systems and Voice Over-IP for our customers from a wide range of prices and manufactures.

Computer Networking, Internet, SmarT, DSL and T1 Connections

  • Network solutions for your small or large business at a affordable cost. ABA can provide a customized blueprint. We take care of all installation and setup of your network including planning, running wires, wall jacks, programming, tieing in with existing phone system and switch patch panel setup.

Professional Web hosting & Remote Backup

  • We offer some of the industry best business web hosting with 99.9% uptime guarantee & professional secure Remote File Backup.

Voicemail Messaging, and Auto-Attendant

  • Voicemail designed to work with your business. Not a fit all solution. With Auto-Attendant callers will be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of an operator. Why waste manpower on a operator? An Auto-Attendent system will automatically transfer your customers to the appropriate department.

Relocating your current phone system to a new location

  • If you are relocating to a new location and are interested in saving money, relocating your existing phone system can be the most cost effective solution. At ABA we can install, blueprint and program your existing phone system to work in any location.

Installation , programming of Computers and Tele-Entry security systems, Sound & Phone systems.

  • ABA Provides speedy and professional installation and programming for new and existing systems. We specialize in Computer Systems, Tele-entry and Phone Systems.

Troubleshooting of Computers and Tele-Entry security systems, Sound & Phone systems.

  • Don’t let computer problems or down-time hurt your business. Not having a computer or a phone system working properly can be the difference between making that sale or satisfying your customer. ABA offers emergency 24/7 on-site response to all our customers. In most cases a technician can be at the location within a hour.

Home Theater Entertainment Installation and Blueprint.

  • ABA Communications also provides customized Home Theater system installation.

International Cellular Service

  • Traveling overseas? A cell phone rental means peace of mind for you and your family. Whether your ‘e traveling for business, leisure or studying abroad, you need the safety and security of an international cell phone. Rentals in many countries include free incoming calls , and you will receive your phone prior to departure. We tailor our global cell phone rentals to your needs, ensuring a
    hassle-free, affordable rental. With cell-phone rental starting as low as 00.35$ a day!

Free Consulting
of Local, Long Distance, and Toll-Free Telephone Services. Leasing Arrangements are available for all products and services. Maintenance Agreements are available for new and existing telephone and security systems.